IRS Representation

Our Tax Resolution Firm was established to provide Professional Representation to Taxpayers before the IRS and State Tax Authorities. Through the years of practiting our agents have established an strong reputation and a professional relationship with the IRS based on a mutual respect, honest and compliance with the Law and Regulations. This level of integrity and ethics is very important in our line of work when we represent our clients, we act in their names, their reputation as well as ours are always present in our negotiation with the Tax Authorities.

We take every assignment with responsability and accuracy but with courage making always the strongest defense of our client rights.

Our Tax Resolution Firm serve a wide range of Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships and Non Profit Organizations and we are experts in the complex issues of the Tax Law and Related Regulations.

Our Representation Services are:

  • IRS or State Audits (Examinations)
  • Audits Reconsideration
  • Employment Tax Audits
  • Workers Reclassification Audits
  • Trust Fund Recovey Penalty Defense
  • Non Filer Defense
  • Refund Claims
  • Penalty Abatements Request
  • Innocent/Injured Spouse
  • Installment Payment Agreements
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Currently Non Collectable
  • Tax Levy and Tax Liens Removals
  • FBAR/OVDP Defense
  • Tax Appeals

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